What is Extra Draft?

Extra Draft, as a whole, is a learning recourse center for all things writing. With a heavy focus on novel and screenwriting, this site also contains online video courses, webinars, and other learning tools for copywriting, ghostwriting and writing-focused work from home opportunities.

But why take online video courses from us?

I have seen (and even taken part) in a lot of writing courses, classes and tutorials. Here’s the thing: they all kinda suck.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a real feasible way to have live one-on-one instructions and still maintain a learn-at-your-own-pace system. If only.

The problem with other courses is that their instructors are paid figureheads who really couldn’t give a shit less if you succeed or not. They spend 7 minutes per lesson talking at a camera in some expensive-as-shit-location with a production team and weird camera angles trying to be extra artsy for you.

The handouts you get are quick rundowns of the talking head video (if they even have videos) and are little more helpful than trying to write a novel on a roll of wet toilet paper, or a dray of squirrels.

Extra Draft is Different

Different is good. Here is how we are different:

  • Learn from someone who knows your struggle.
  • We cover all forms or writing here, from novels and screenplays to copywriting and working from home.
  • Lifetime access for one small payment – no recurring monthly charges.
  • Our videos are entertaining. Talking head, sure, but we talk to you not at you.
  • Engaging. We don’t give you a single option; we cover a vast array of possibilities.
  • You will find your stride and strengthen your abilities.
  • Interactive. We want (and respond) to your input.
  • Homework is actually fun!
  • We understand how difficult it is and hold your hand through the really tough bits.
  • No writer left behind. Groups, interaction, feedback and support are all found here.
  • Recurring value. Come back again and again and learn something new every time!
  • I could go on for days I am sure. But I have courses to build. So let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Why Should You Join?

Value. It really is that simple. These courses are for EVERYONE! No matter where you are or what your role is, these courses will help you.

Just starting out and have no idea what to do or how to do it? You need to sign up.

Come to a point in your writing where you have no idea where to go? You need to sign up.

Finished a novel or screenplay or script and don’t know what to do with it? Sign up.

Need encouragement, feedback, support or just want to meet new writing friends? Sign up.

Editors, too! It’s easier to know how to edit when you know what your authors are struggling with. Sign up and find out!

Perhaps you don’t currently write, or you are not sure if you should. Maybe you just want to learn how to read better for your own pleasure. Sign up!

We seriously cover everything here. In-depth. We don’t take shortcuts. No, we don’t just dabble on a single focal point and then throw you out of the boat. We are not heartless bitches.

We actually want you to succeed.

What Else Can You Do?