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The search for TED Course Alpha Testers (TED-CAT! Cute!)  has begun! Read the article below to learn all the details and request your Alpha Tester membership!

What Am I Looking For?

This course is a huge undertaking and anyone that makes one and tells you otherwise is either a liar or has outsourced everything to others.

I am bringing my 5-Draft Method of novel writing to the public to help writers and aspiring authors get their stories out into the world. However, I can’t do it alone, and I need your help.

I am looking for Alpha Testers that will join me in testing the entire course as I piece it together. I need between 10 and 15 people to take the course as a student, but also as someone that enjoys finding and reporting issues.

Alpha Testing will open on January 1st, 2018. First come, First served. Are you ready? #amwriting #amreading #TEDcourse #Masterclass Click To Tweet

What Are The Requirements?

The requirements of the Alpha Tester is pretty simple:

  • Sign up for the course, going through the entire sign up process including payment, membership, profile creation, etc.
  • Take the course as a student. This includes watching the videos, downloading the assignments and finally, completing the homework assignments.
  • Joining the various groups and social sites. Subscribing to YouTube channel, become a member of the Facebook group, as well as the forum on the site.
  • Add content to the forum. The forum will have a basic outline with no content. You will need to make posts, edit posts, comment on lessons and their respective forum topics.
  • Test every setting, every link, every download and upload. You will act like a user and member and student while “trying to break” the course.


I know how things are “supposed to work” and my eyes are biased. I need new eyes that can find things wrong and report them to me so that I can fix them.

This will act as a Drip Course. This means that as I upload a new lesson, you will get an email alerting you that it is ready. You will then come back and sign in and test the new lesson. Once the course is complete and uploaded, you will do a final QA test of every feature to help ensure everything works just as it should.

What Happens When Alpha Testing All Done?

When the entire course is built, uploaded, completed and all of your reports are examined and handled, your job is over. From this point you have a few options:

  • Stay on as an active member, answering forum posts, offering critiques to other students being an active member of the Facebook group or retake the course as a whole unit.
  • Your membership will never expire. As a result, you will be a member for life.
  • Celebrate your successes and make new writing friends.
  • Leave and never come back. I will miss you, but we all have lives to run.

As an Alpha Tester, you will automatically be given complete access to the Premium Course. You will have all access to every video lesson that will be made for the course. You can retake the course in its entirety all over again, instead of piece by piece.

As an Alpha Tester, you will automatically be given complete access to the Premium Course. You will have all access to every video lesson that will be made for the course. #amwriting #masterclass Click To Tweet

What If I Like Being an Alpha Tester But Don’t Want to be a Writer?

You are welcome to join as well! Alpha Testers are testers first (writers will get more benefit from the course) and as such you aren’t required to “need” the course to help your writing career.

However, I am sure, even as a tester, you will have a story to tell. Even academic writing will benefit from this course. You could be a professional tester AND a published author! Imagine.

That being said, I am more interested in the actual workings of the course and the associated parts and want to make sure everything is as perfect as possible.

Everything Sounds Good, How Do I Sign Up?

I’m glad you asked. I will do a soft opening of the course for Alpha Testers to join. This is a very limited enrollment and when I have enough students enrolled, I will close enrollment until Alpha Testing is complete.

Because of everything involved that I need, I must vet out the requests and only have those that will actually meet all the requirements to join. If it seems like you can do the job of TEDCAT, use the form below to send me a request that you are interested.

You will receive a response from me with further instructions. Once approved, and once I open the class, you will be sent a link so you can join.

From then on you will receive special Alpha Tester newsletters periodically to give further instructions, announcements and details.

So, What’s In It For Me?

What? The pure joy of helping others in need isn’t enough? Fine. How about getting the craziest, most incredible discount ever? In exchange for your services and duties, the entire Premium Course lifetime membership will only cost $17 (USD). This is a savings of over 90 percent!

Also, once the course is set to open enrollment, all Alpha Testers will become “Honor Roll” members with more clout, respect and abilities around the site.


I Want To Be A TEDCAT!

Alpha Testing will open on January 1st, 2018. First come, First served. Are you ready? Great!

Click the register link in the menu at the top of the page and make your account. Head over to the courses page and enroll in the 5-Draft Method – Premium course now!

You will be automatically added to the Alpha Tester role and your duties will begin immediately.The cost for Alpha enrollment is $17 (USD) and I will close registration when I have enough testers. Join now!


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