Apr 03. Writing Prompt

It is the first weekend in April. Easter, for those of you that do things like celebrate. And for the writers it is a chance to get some words done without many interruptions.

To that point, and since we just finished a week long naming lesson, we will make a fun prompt to do today.

The lesson for this one is once again, practice.

The prompt is relatively short, though you can write as much as you want. IT should be enough to get your creative juices flowing, so that you can then scrap your prompt exercise (after posting it in the comment section below!) and get back to your personal project.

So go grab your coffee, or tea or energy drink, and then come back and enjoy the writing prompt!

April 03

Pick one object from your right and two objects from your left. It is 3 am on a quiet night when you hear someone breaking into your home to abduct you. Cellphones have been jammed, power lines cut and you are all alone. Write a scene about how you survive the abduction attempt using only the 3 items you selected.

With this prompt you need to think on your toes. Use your knowledge of your surroundings to your advantage. You can hide or fight, or both. There may be multiple abductors, maybe only one. That is all up to you.

However, you must include the use of the three items that you selected form the beginning of the prompt as your only real tools of escape.

Here is where you want to flex your writing skills, though.

Ninja skills
Are you gonna be a bad ass ninja in your story, or a cowering fradie-cat?

For example, we know that a good story has a specific arc to follow. We know there will be a confrontation and it can go great or horrible.

We also know that the villain needs to be worthy. So just saying you are a kung-fu master and whoop the intruders ass in 4 seconds, doesn’t make a good story. Maybe there is a team of ninjas trying to take you instead of some overweight cat burglar?

Further, there needs to be conflict, resolution and a denouement. And while this prompt doesn’t need to be written out to 200 pages or 80,000 words, you do need to include it all. Or at least try.

Remember our lessons on brevity and making believable characters.

Good luck! And have fun with it, you midnight bad ass.

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