Apr. 04 Writing Prompt

It is Easter Sunday today. I have a brisket in the smoker for me and the puppers. Also, it is time to get some writing done.

What? You thought I would give you the day off? Not a chance? (mom says it’s okay though. just come back tomorrow. and wash your hands. also don’t be late for dinn…oh, they’re gone)

For the rest of us, there is a task at hand and those that have left will miss out on one of my favorite writing prompts of all time (so far).

Today is a great “traditional” writing prompt where you are given a scenario to write about. No practice, but there is a lesson. Of course.

Let’s take a look at the prompt and then we will cover the lesson inside. I’m excited!

In the animal world, humans are subpar in almost everything. Specifically, our sense of smell rivals that of a goldfish. Dogs, on the other hand, have one of the best snouts in the animal kingdom. Some species can smell things from over several miles away. Write a story about you waking up one day to find out the have the olfaction of a bloodhound.

The main point of today’s writing prompt is, of course to have fun. What would you do if you could smell basically everything?

I think this Hanoverian Bloodhound is judging me.

The lesson, though, is about research. Yeah, I know, homework on a weekend. Gross.

But think about it. If you don’t have the personal experience to write something true and believable, how will you ever engage your readers?

You may need to start with a definition of olfaction. Maybe you already know but need to find out just how well a bloodhound can smell.

Depending on your story flow and narrative, your research can take you anywhere. And while you are learning (which is always a good thing), you can craft a more compelling story.

So get out your favorite search engine and learn all you can about a bloodhound’s sniffer, then write your story.

I really want to see what you come up with, so be sure to post your stories in the comment section below the article!

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