Apr. 10 Writing Prompt

Last week we covered the writer’s voice theme. This weekend, we will take a little break and just have some average and normal writing prompts (whatever those are).

I did like the theme aspect, though. With the standard Thursday blog and Friday newsletter also covering the subject, it was great fun to include something all week long.

I will do more themes in the future, but for now, let’s just have a little bit of fun.

April 10

Write a story about the following image:

Where did you come from? Where will you go?

One thing I love about doing image-based stories like this is the variety of stories that can come from it.

The picture is obviously a road that leads somewhere, but different writers will see different things.

For example, one of you may write about where the road leads, as if you are coming up on it for the first time. Another one of you may be looking back at the road you just traveled and want to tell a tale about what happened back then.

Some of you may see an ominous glow in an enclosed forest road, and others may see a beautiful sunrise coming up on a hill side.

What you see initially gives you the idea of the story you want to write.

So do that. Look at the picture and decide what it means to you, personally. What emotions does it stir? What are your feelings and senses telling you?

When you figure that part out, you can then use your skill of words to convey those feelings and senses to the reader.

In this case, I am your reader. So put your best effort in then post your story in the comment section so I can feel what you see.

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