Apr. 11 Writing Prompt

I will admit this one almost got by me. Almost 10 pm local time and I completely spaced the WP today. But here I am! I remembered and we are still in today, so let’s get to it.

Yesterday we looked at perspective and insight as an individual writer by choosing how a story would unfold based on a picture of a road.

Did you come from the road or were you heading down it?

Today, we will do a similar exercise, another image-based story and a multitude of perceptions.

Let’s take a look at the writing prompt image and see what we can come up with.

April 11

Create a short story using the image below as the only thing that you can use. If it isn’t in this picture, you can’t use it.

On the shelf
What do you see?

Again, if you can’t see it in this image, it doesn’t go in your story.

Can you write a compelling narrative that draws the reader in and makes them want more? I’m sure you can.

If you get stuck go back through some of the scene building lessons to find out what you can add or take away from this to build your world.

I will unburden you just a bit. Your scene location can take place anywhere. Characters and items, though, must come from the image.

When you are done, post what you have in the comment section below and let’s see what your skills bring us!

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