Apr. 14 Writing Prompt

Another day, another chance to write more words! Are you excited? I’m excited.

Writing words is something you should love to do. Even on days when you don’t want to write, the idea of it should still excite you.

As you know, I don’t condone the common conception that you must write every day. If you need a day off, take a day off. Take two. As long as the “not writing” doesn’t become the habit, you are fine.

There is more to being a writer, or author, than just putting words down. I know that it doesn’t always seem that way, though. The words come, they flow, you are expected to produce. Most of that expectation comes from yourself.

We are our own worst critics and that is the biggest problem for a lot of us.

Too scared that we won’t put out something that is perfect.

Perfection is boring.

Show me the scars. Show me the missteps and accidents.

It is in the cracks that most writers try to fill where the real stories take place.

Can you look at yourself in an honest and retrospective manner?

So for today, we are going to look inward. Let’s see the prompt.

April 14

Open a new document. Look at the blank page. Think about it as long as you need. Then write a letter to yourself. Write with the subject of “Why I am scared to write.”

I’m not going to add a lengthy lagniappe this time. I don’t want to influence your writing.

But think about what it is that is keeping you from constantly and consistently putting words down. What is holding you back?

Be honest, open and tell yourself where your fears lie, where the cracks are that you are trying to fill.

When you are done, if you are brave enough, use the comment section below to share your fear-letter with the rest of us.

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