Apr. 17 Writing Prompt

Greetings, fellow humans! And hello to the rest of you.

As it is the weekend, I plan to write a lot of words. Some of them for fun, some for pay and others just because.

I’m not sure what you plan for the weekend, but if it has anything to do with writing, congratulations!

What do you say we start off with a little writing prompt to get the juices flowing?

Today, there won’t be much of a new lesson, so much as a flex on your creative skills and a chance to practice stylistic writing again.

I’ve found a little online dice roller app. So, I want to use that.

Today’s writing prompt will be a more normal “writing prompt” that you are probably used to with the dice roll added to help you be more creative. Let’s take a look!

April 17

First, click here to open the dice roller (new tab). A 100-sided die is selected. Press the “go” button to get an instant random result, or press “start” to roll the dice and “stop” to see your result.

Once you have your number, that is your total word count to write a story about the following image:

Writing prompt image
How many words do you need?

What was your number? Is it challenging enough?

You can do this die-roll word count a few times and see how many different stories you can come up with.

When you have finished, whether you did one of multiple, pick your favorite and post it in the comment section for everyone to see and enjoy!

Then, go write your words on your projects and make a fulfilling weekend.

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