Apr. 28 Writing Prompt

Welcome to the middle of the week!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the last week of the month is generally very busy for me. I do a lot of client work still and it usually falls with due dates along this time of the month.

On top of my writings and projects, writing for others tends to wear me out.

But, we push through. We are writers. We put words down and don’t look back. Well, until it is time to edit, anyway.

So for today, I will keep is short and simple.

A basic prompt for those that like some sort of challenge and no real lesson involved. Simply use what you have learned or done so far with the prompts this year.

April 28

Using everything you have learned in the previous writing prompts (and your own writing skills), finish this sentence, creating a full, rich and engaging scene:

The bear poked his head around the tree…

Obviously you can go in almost any direction here. We can make a children’s story by having the bear playing hide-n-seek with his cubs.

It can be an action scene with the bear dodging a man with a rifle. It can be a horror scene where the bear is only a mask for a serial killer.

Scary bear
Don’t be scared. It’s only a picture.

I leave all of that up to you. You get full creative freedom and can write as much or as little of the scene as you need to get your mojo flowing.

Don’t forget, your project is waiting on you. Don’t keep putting it off.

There is no better teacher than experience, and you will get the best experience working on your own projects.

Well, that and coming here every day to learn a new little tidbit. Right?

I will see you all tomorrow. And if you want to drop a line to let me know how your bear story turned out, I am all b-ears! The comment section is just below.

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