Apr. 29 Writing Prompt

Hello again! It is a beautiful day here and I hope when you look out your window it is something you enjoy seeing out there, too.

For me, it is all about sunshine, ocean breezes and salty air.

If you were to ever kidnap me and need to get information, just threaten me with rain, bone chilling cold and blue fingernails and I will sing like a canary. Just for the record, though, I have nothing and give all my information away already. Plus, my family doesn’t even talk to me, let alone want to put up a ransom. So, don’t abduct me. There is no reason. Thanks.

Moving on, let’s talk about today’s writing prompt.

I think more practice in scene setting is warranted. The idea of looking out of the window while I type this and dreaming of running down into the ocean for a swim is killing me (see what I sacrifice to be here for you?).

Let’s work a little with that and see if we can write a compelling scene.

April 29

Imagine one window in your home opened into a different world. You can only open it once a year. When do you open it and what happens when you go through?

This one isn’t hard to imagine. I’m sure I am not the only one that daydreams. Looking out a window, hoping for a better life, more adventure or even just a different weather condition.

Window gazing
When you look out of your window, what do you see?

But let’s take it far beyond that. Your magic window opens into a whole new world. You enter the window and are no longer on Earth. Here, anything is possible.

Let your imagination run wild. What do you see?

Can you breathe? Is it blindingly bright or dangerously dark? Can you use more adverbs in a single sentence?

Paint this new world for us all. Why would we want you to open the window? Why would we try and stop you from opening it?

Set the scene in such a way that I can look out my own window here in front of me, stop seeing the beach and ocean and instead, I can only see your new world.

Don’t forget to give great driving directions and take your reader on a well thought out journey. When you are done, feel free to post your scene in the comment section below. Let us all marvel at your newly created window-world.

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