Dreams are open to interpretation. Do they have a meaning at all or is it just a random method of our brains firing off broken synapses as it slows down for the night? For writers, dreams can spark an entire book series or just a simple scene. I Don’t Think Too Much On Dreams There are writers out there that have notebooks next to their bed so they can wake up at 2 am after a dream and write down everything they can remember. I don’t do that. I love my sleep. When I was first starting out, trying to get stories to write andRead More →

YouTube's New Rules

So apparently I came to the party a little late. YouTube has new rules for brand new channels and I don’t like them. So I need your help! YouTube’s new rules are shit!   What The Actual Fuck? YouTube is great. It is the second largest search engine behind Google and you can find some great things on there. I particularly love Good Mythical Morning and Ardeilys channels (That is our awesome video editor, Big Chris’ channel, by the way). I also want The Extra Draft to have one of its own as well. So I created one. But now what? I am not allowedRead More →

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! I just wanted to take a moment out of my busy schedule here to wish all of you a good day, week, month and new year. Happy Non-Specific Holidays Greetings Whatever you celebrate (or don’t), it is the time of year where family and friends get together. Time to enjoy the company of one another. Perhaps it is friends you see every day or that aunt and uncle that live too far for a regular visit. Whatever the case, may your holidays be bright and fun. Here at the Extra Draft, I will be plugging away and creating new course content and tryingRead More →

Alpha Tester

The search for TED Course Alpha Testers (TED-CAT! Cute!)  has begun! Read the article below to learn all the details and request your Alpha Tester membership! What Am I Looking For? This course is a huge undertaking and anyone that makes one and tells you otherwise is either a liar or has outsourced everything to others. I am bringing my 5-Draft Method of novel writing to the public to help writers and aspiring authors get their stories out into the world. However, I can’t do it alone, and I need your help. I am looking for Alpha Testers that will join me in testing theRead More →

A Brief History

Where did The Extra Draft Writing Course come from? Here is a brief history of its conception through today. (Plus a BONUS SURPRISE announcement!!) It All Started About 5 Years Ago… It all started when I was just a boy, on a starless night in August… no, I am kidding. As a writer, I have always wanted to help others become writers as well. Once I started getting paid to write, I learned more and more about the craft outside of literature. What I learned was that every single human in the existence of Ever has a story to tell. What I also learned isRead More →


  Good morning kids! Today is the day the course begins to take form! What’s going on? Well let me tell you all about it: What IS Going On? Today I begin filming the video lessons that will guide you through writing your novel! That’s right! The actual course videos are now being created. Once I have enough of them back from the video editor, I will open the soft enrollment to the Alpha Testers. It’s exciting stuff folks! Really exciting! Of course, if you have signed up for the newsletter you already would have known this. PSSST! Take A Look To The Right SeeRead More →

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Want a free lesson, and an awesome newsletter?   Are you looking for more information on the course? Do you want to get an idea of how the course is laid out? Maybe you want to know what is coming up next and where you need to focus your abilities. Then you need to sign up for the Extra Draft Newsletter. By providing your name and email address in the form below, you will opt in for the Extra Draft Newsletter. Here I will be able to send you all the information that is important to you as an aspiring writer, keep you updated onRead More →

Learn to Create

The Extra Draft Master Class- What Exactly Is It?   The Extra Draft (TED) is a master class I have developed teaching all writers (and readers) the in-depth writing method I have dubbed the “5-Draft Method.” You may have seen my 5-draft method on various platforms over the years including Wattpad and others.  However, I have always left things out because it would take so long to do a complete workup. You see, there are things in the 5-Draft Method I just couldn’t put into written words without spending a great deal of time confusing you. So, I thought to myself, “Self, don’t write it,Read More →