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Copywriting is a skill that can afford you a great living wage, if you know the proper techniques


June 06 Writing Prompt

For the final daily writing prompt this week on copywriting, we will take a look (and practice) one more basic strategy. In case you are taking this week in reverse-chronological order, we have covered quite a bit. We started by...


June 04 Writing Prompt

As we continue this week of copywriting introductions, let us continue with writing formulas. I want to point out one thing, and hopefully this little thing will stick in your mind a bit. Copywriting is a job, and as a...


June 02 Writing Prompt

Let’s continue our progress with copywriting! If you missed the first day, we covered spotting the customer journey through an advertisement or blog post. Usually in an attempt to get them to take an action. AIDA is one of the...


Voice, On!

Voice is imperative. It’s essential. It is everything. It is quite possible to have one of the greatest storylines ever created, the vast lands, the adorable and lovable characters, the perfect plot twists and the greatest ending ever penned by...

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Jan. 13 Writing Prompt

Greetings fellow kids! Today’s writing prompt is designed to get you to think about titles. This can (and does) include things like chapter titles, scene headings and project titles for the novelist and screenwriters out there. It also includes headings...

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The Biggest Killer: Self-Doubt

Literary agents, publishers, editors, synopses, query letters… all scary things, all demanding, demeaning. Sometimes they can be daunting, haunting, loathing as well as loathed. Oftentimes heartbreaking, disconcerting, dispiriting. None of them hold a candle to yourself. You truly are your...