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Jan. 24 Writing Prompt

Character development. That is the second theme of the year, following our scene building practice. Today is the final day for character development practices. Let’s recap. We started by learning how to take the time to develop every character that...

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Jan. 18 Writing Prompt

We will continue the scene building practice this week. If you missed yesterday’s lesson, it was on dialogue and writing a scene with details only using character’s speech. Today, we are going to do the same thing, but of course,...

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Jan. 16 Writing Prompt

Hello kids! Today’s writing prompt is a little more straight forward. While there is still an element of teaching involved (as always) it is more about repetition. Practice. There is an old saying that practice makes perfect. But this isn’t...

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Jan. 13 Writing Prompt

Greetings fellow kids! Today’s writing prompt is designed to get you to think about titles. This can (and does) include things like chapter titles, scene headings and project titles for the novelist and screenwriters out there. It also includes headings...