Coffee At Night

Coffee at Night? Finding Out the Best Time to Write, for You

When you write is almost as important as what you write. (okay, I use the term almost loosely)

It may seem like a simple question to answer: When do you write? Stop and think about it though. Humans are individuals amongst a group. Not everyone works the best at the same time. Some of us are early birds, some or wake-up-at-the-crack-of-noon, and others prefer the nightlife. The rest of us fall somewhere in the other 20 hours of the day.

Coffee at night
Having your coffee with the sunrise or the sunset is a personal choice. Find your creativity clock and follow it, don’t fight it.

So where do you fit? Do you set an alarm to get up before anyone else in the house, brew a pot of coffee and get to work looking out the window for that first ray of the morning light?

Maybe you put everyone to bed at night, turn the radio on low and burn the midnight oil. The truth of it is that it doesn’t really matter. We all have a different creativity clock. Personally, mine goes off late at night and, as an oddity, whenever I am in the shower. I brew my coffee at night. I am okay with that.

When You Have Time Vs. When You Make Time

The difference between writing when you can and writing when you need to isn’t so vast. First, you need to decide which type of writer you are.

Make the time to write
Making the time to write should be focused around when you feel the most creative.

If you work better at night, then that is when you need to concentrate on making the time. Likewise, if you rise early and write best in the morning, then that is when you stretch your daily calendar.

Writing should never be a chore. The only chore should come when you need to move things around to make the time to write.

Wake up earlier, stay up later, take a longer lunch break from work. Whatever you need to do, make it happen, then lose yourself in your writing. After all, that is what we write for.

When are you at your most creative? Let us know in the comments below.

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