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Copywrite Ninja Joins Forces with Extra Draft

Welcome CopyWrite Ninja Visitors

Copywrite Ninja fans, you are not on the wrong site, don’t freak out.

The Ninja has stopped taking on new clients. He has joined forces with Extra Draft to help educate you on all things copywriting.

The Ninja thinks it would be a smart move and investment on your part to learn how to do expert level copywriting for yourself.

You can head to the home page to see all the exciting courses and materials offered here. Or pick up nuggets of information worth their proverbial weight in gold through our blog.

We are glad you are here, whatever your course of action. Enjoy the collaboration and education of all things writing here at the Extra Draft.

Whether you are interested in learning copywriting for yourself, your team or to understand more about the concepts, we are here to help.

If you want to learn more, we offer that, too. We have courses on all types of writing. This includes novels and screenplays as well as fun and creative writing.

Head to the main site to learn more and find your inner author.