Daily Writing Prompts

New to the blog this go round is the daily writing prompts.

Daily Writing Prompts
Can we write every day? Let’s find out!

The idea here is that I will stop in once a day and post a prompt for you to work with. I will write to that same prompt as well.

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Don’t forget to bookmark the page for later!

Not only should this give you something to do each day, but it can help your creativity, push your boundaries and get you in the habit or writing every day.

We should probably start with some rules or something in a pretty list, right?

  • You do not need to write every day, though it is a good habit to have.
    • Writing every day is what the “experts” say you should do. Bah.
  • Read the writing prompts, write something about it in your own style.
    • Don’t be afraid of your words here. This is for you.
  • Experiment with POV, character building, scene building, etc.
    • Go out on that limb and try new things. You may like it.
  • You don’t need to edit.
    • Again, this is for you. Make it interesting, enjoyable and daring.
  • Length doesn’t matter.
    • Despite what your girlfriend tells you, whatever you come up with is actually good enough.
  • Have fun.
    • The most important step. It is not perfection we are after, but fun.
  • Share your creations.
    • Feel free to use the comment section below to share your finished work with the rest of the kids. We will all love to see it!

There, that should about do it.

I will admit that writing to a prompt every day can be tough. It is not failure if you do not write every day, don’t let anyone tell you it is.

I, myself, will probably have to miss a few days during the year. Life happens to all of us.

My goal is to end up with 365 prompts for you to work on. Hopefully I can get that done in a single year. But let’s be real here. Life, amirite?

Ready for the writing prompts? Okay!

January 01

You wake up laying on the floor, griping a piece of paper in one hand and a broken knife blade in the other. The note in your hand says “call home.”

Alright, so that is the writing prompt. Here is what I came up with. No edits, right from the top of my head. After you read it, let me know in the comments what you think!

I sat up on what I assumed was my floor, but my floor has carpet. Here, I was on some cold ground, a slab of concrete in a desolate field of dirt.

I don’t know where this note came from, but since I live alone and have no family, I knew I didn’t write it. It must have been someone else.

My head was pounding. My eyes struggling to adjust to the dark and stay closed tight enough to fight off this headache.

It wasn’t working.

I tried to stand but fell back to my knees. Then, frustrated, I tossed the note aside, not caring about it at all, not knowing it was the key to my salvation. In that moment all I could think about was this metal cuff around my waist.

I followed the long, thick chain back to a stake in the middle of the concrete slab.

I was barefoot, in pain, and still bleeding from… who even knew. The broken knife blade in my hand, probably.

I figured out I could stand up if I was in the middle of the slab, near the stake in the center. So, I did.

As I stood, I heard the click of a breaker switch and was crippled by the sudden onslaught of stadium lights.

The crowd cheered and through my blinding tears I could barely make out what appeared to be a giant arena. I was in the spotlight now.

My eyes finally adjusted to the lights, my ears droned out the cheers from what I could only imagine as 10,000 people. Maybe more.

What I certainly couldn’t adjust to was the sudden foul odor. A stench, hot and morbid enveloped me, condensing on my neck and running under the collar of my shirt.

I spun around to come face to face with a snarling, toothy snout of some beast I can’t even begin to describe.

The crowd let out thunderous applause and cheers and the creature lunged at me...

How did I do? How did you do?

Shall we do it again tomorrow? Perfect. I will see you then!

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