Decision Times Are Upon Me

I took the weekend off from most activities and felt like a Koala Bear. I laid on the couch and watched a marathon of about 14 hours worth of Bob’s Burgers. Apparently, I moved to the bedroom and then slept for about 12 hours.

As someone who generally always has to be doing something with their hands and only sleeps in short bursts, it was both nice and off-putting.

Sleepy Time
If koala bears can do it, so can I, right?

Even though this Monday is now only about an hour old, it is time to get moving. Client work for the month is piling in and I need to schedule that work throughout the month.

I also have my riddle website to add levels to, an email program on writing I am doing for a friend to finish up. I am also working on rebuilding a truck engine that needs to be cleaned and reassembled now.

Of course, my to-do lists don’t end there, but those are the big items on the lists at the moment. I still need to make monthly goals, adjust medium and long term goals and I need to figure out what I am doing with my work website and of course, this one.

Today will be spent doing a lot of planning and maybe some house cleaning. I look forward to that (sarcasm).

Sometimes, with a lot of things to do we find it difficult to know where to start. When this happens to me, I know that my mental afflictions will kick in. My ADD with flare up and take me on a wild ride of “what’s that {insert some random object here, like a leaf or a squirrel} doing?”

My depression has a tendency to pick up as, too. Because I tend to not get things accomplished on days like this, I begin to beat myself up about it and the Dark Cloud comes for a little visit.

To combat this, I make my ADD work for me. When it goes off on a tangent, so do I. I fight it less and see where the road takes me. I might end up having a few on-going projects, but at least I am doing something.

If nothing comes from it, I find shorter projects to do. If I can accomplish and complete something, even small things like cleaning the bathrooms or weeding the yard, then at least I can cross things off the list.

When I look at it, I may have larger, more involved projects remaining, but my accomplishments and items crossed off are usually enough to keep the Dark Cloud at bay.

Hopefully, with some slow, deliberate movements and a few small projects completed, I can make my negatives continue to work for me and stay on top of my life.

Time to get to planning, I guess.

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