Dreams Are Meant to Die

It starts in childhood. Dreams while you sleep, dreams during school, dreams of the future and the girl with the pink bowed pony tail.

Dreams never really end. They do change shape as we age, but they never die.

Dreams are rockets towards Goals
What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Or do they?

When you ask a child what thy want to be when they grow up they give some astonishing answers. Mostly you will hear pipe dream or unrealistic answers. There is nothing wrong with that. Dreams are just unrealized goals, they are meant to die. Dreams are a wish for a better part of life.

However, dreams can come true, but only if you shift them into goals. That is the problem. We always ask our children what we want to be and never once ask them what they are doing to accomplish those dreams. We never offer a hand or ask what we can do to assist.

Dreams die. Goals are meant to be obtained. Goals are just as wild and crazy as dreams, with one little difference: You obtain goals.

Once you’ve asked what someone’s dream is, you should then ask what is being done to make it happen. If more parents and grandparents and godparents and friends and family helped transform dreams into goals we would have a lot less dreamers and a lot more kids growing up succeeding.

Let dreams die. Make them die. Set goals instead and accomplish those goals.

If you find yourself dreaming more than doing, it is time to stop. Make a plan. Organize your thoughts. Get the lead out, as they say, and start making actions. Dreams are great, goals are better.

The next time you see a kid and ask what they want to be when they grow up, ask them how you can help. Find out what you can do to make their dreams become goals. Then, apply some of that love and magic to yourself.

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