How You Can Earn $1 Million!

While it is a catchy headline, the fact remains that you, sitting there reading this right now, have everything you need to earn a million dollars.

Earn A Million Dollars
What would you do with $1M dollars?

Of course, I will tell you right now that it isn’t easy to earn $1m.

It isn’t as hard as you may think though. If you are on this site you are interested in some form of writing, be it a novel or screenplay, or working from home writing blog posts and articles for companies around the globe.

If you have been following me around the interwebs, you may have seen my “Brain Game” posts asking you incremental questions.

I started with the easy ones: What could you do to earn $10, $100, even $1000 in 24 hours, if you absolutely had to?

The answers were pretty common and straight forward. We all have something we could sell, or pawn to earn a few bucks. But that isn’t always a viable option.

Sure you can take your DVD player down to the pawn shop for a quick 10 bucks. But I highly doubt you can get $1000 for it. And you can only sell it off once.

When the numbers get higher we tend to block them out, give up or not even think about it. Which was the main point of my little experiment; to get you to think.

When the question became $10,000, or $100,000 or even $1 million, the answers started to vary. Everything from selling your home to selling organs on the black market.

Change Your Focus

But what I want you to focus on this week is exploring these questions in a brainstorming method.

Let’s assume you don’t own your house and you are still leasing your car. You can’t sell them, so what else can you do?

If you had a life or death situation that required you to earn one million dollars, how could you earn that much money?

It seems daunting, doesn’t it? But seriously think about it. You have a certain skill set. Everyone does. Perhaps you can crochet, or maybe you can work with wood better than anyone on the block.

Maybe you have a talent as a writer. Write down a few skill sets that you have that make you stand out in the crowd.

Now, we can forget about the 24-hour deadline but seriously look at your list once you have it written.

Find Out Where You Stand Out

What is something there that is a viable option for creating an income?

You probably won’t see anything right away. This is normal. Your skill set is something personal to you and as we all know, we are our own worst critics.

Let’s stick with the woodworker here, but the rest of you follow along. Let’s see how easy it is to sell a million dollars worth of goods and services.

You may tinker in your garage and knock out a writing desk, or a bookshelf with relative ease. But you look at them and know you can do better.

You scrap the project and start again. Or you are building something for your grandma and aren’t thinking of the cost or value.

The point is, that whatever your skill set is, it can be expanded on and become quite lucrative if you will just see it.

The problem, as I mentioned before, is that we often don’t think in high enough numbers. We concentrate on the smaller, more immediate numbers and try and solve those smaller problems.

I need $20 for gas right now! I am out of food and need $10 to get me through until payday.

What if instead of these paltry sums, you started asking yourself how to earn $10,000, $100,000 or even $1M?

Find the Money

Now the woodworker can build a desk, a shelf, a couple of end tables and maybe even a bed frame and headboard. A complete little bedroom set made by hand with care and expertise.

Let’s assume that after the set is sold, the profits after buying the lumber and sandpaper comes to $600.

If he then pulls $100 off the top for his work and to fill the truck up with gas and get some Mexican food at the corner restaurant, he is left with a pocket full of $500.

Not bad, right? $500 is far from a million dollars, though.

However, if he puts that $500 in a jar and forgets about it, goes back and makes another set, another $500 and on and on, look at the numbers: He only has to sell 2000 sets to earn a million dollars.

2000 is very simple, indeed. But what if you aren’t a woodworker? If your product you can create doesn’t sell for $500, you will have to work harder, or, work smarter.

I Can’t Work With Wood

As a writer, I have zero skill with wood and would never attempt to build my own bedroom set.

However, I can teach the woodworker how to write a woodworking guide. I can put together a class, a book and some basic materials and sell them as a whole.

Sure, my end product might be only worth $300, but unlike the woodworker, I only have to build it once.

Once my eBook and course are listed, I am basically done “building.” While I may only sell mine for $300, the hard work is done. Sure, I need to sell 3340 units instead of 2000, but mine is now automated.

I can sell my product while I am asleep. If you have a service or product, think about how you can profit from it.

You Can Make One Up!

If you don’t have one, think about your skill set and how you can create one. There is something each and every one of us can offer.

What is your offer? Who should you market it to?

Later in the week, we will continue this discussion. In the meantime, think about your skills. Think about how you can turn a profit, to earn a million dollars!

Once you have your start, you will be able to easily see how simple it can be to earn a million dollars with the skills you already possess.

Start thinking in big numbers, and you will find that it isn’t as far out there as you might think.

Learn to give yourself credit and how to value what you do at a level worthy of your actual worth.

Also, look for Part 2 of this “Earn $1 Million Dollars” coming at the end of the week.

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