Feb. 06 Writing Prompt

A change!

For the weekend, I figured we could get a lot more creative, no?

So instead of the narrative arc lessons and practice, I thought we would do a fun little writing exercise instead.

No pretense, no intro, nothing but a simple fun writing opportunity.

Let’s take a look at the prompt.

February 06

Hector is stuck in his car. It has hit a tree and the crumpled body has made the doors unable to open. Hector is also too large and in too much pain to crawl through the windows. As the smell of gasoline starts to intensify, you need to get Hector out of the car.

When writing this prompt, you are pretty much wide open as far as possibilities go.

You can have Hector heroically escape himself, another character come to his rescue, help from woodland creatures, or, if you write like me, maybe Hector doesn’t make it out alive.

Car Wreck
Get Hector out of the car! Or, you know… don’t.

What is important, though, is to remember your writing training. There are 7 sides to this scene and Hector has (probably) all 5 senses to use.

Also consider the situation. If Hector has hit a tree hard enough to crumple his doors shut, he is in some pain. He isn’t going to just calmly walk away from this.

Make sure you add the emotion, turmoil and pain into your writing, too.

Can you, as the writer, convey enough emotion to pull your reader in, using only a few paragraphs?

Use What You Have

The best writers will take every opportunity to engage the reader. You want them to feel something for your character, even if it is malice.

Try to remember, that if a character is important enough to put in your story, they are important enough to have the reader care about them.

Even the store clerk, that guy on the bus stop bench, or the lady crossing the street against the light. If they are in your scene, they are important. Make them important.

Give the reader something to feel. When you engage your audience’s emotions, you will have them hooked.

Don’t forget to share your Hector Escape story with the class by posting it in the comment section below, when you are done.

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