Feb. 07 Writing Prompt

As another fun weekend comes to a close, we will cap it off with another simple and fun writing prompt.

No real lesson hidden away in this one. Except, of course, writing practice.

So, without further fanfare or ado, let’s take a look at the prompt.

February 07

A man attempts to get into his car to go to work, when his dog he has only had for 2 weeks, starts growling and snapping at him, preventing him from opening the garage.

For this prompt, there are countless ways you can go about this. Try a narrative story instead of a dialogue-based one, if you want to go the easier route, opposite for more of a challenge.

Protective Dog
Why would a dog turn on it’s human? You tell me in today’s writing prompt

I think I will try my hand at this one this time, yes?

Here is what I came up with

Michael was running late for work. He was always running late. It was just his nature. This morning, though, it was the shower that was getting the blame. It took too long for the water to get hot.

As he grabbed his keys and briefcase, Michael headed out the side door into the garage. His dog, Sanders, who had already been let out for his morning constitutional, bolted past him stopping at the bottom of the steps.

Sanders began to growl at Michael. When he tried to take a step down into the garage, Sanders would snarl and snap at him. Michael didn’t know what to do.

He had only owned Sanders a few weeks, but he had never acted this way before. Michael tried to shoo Sanders with his brief case. Sanders stood his ground, though.

When Michael decided to just run for it, Sanders lunged. Although his snarling teeth caught Michael by the pant leg, they did nothing to close around his calf.

Michael had made it to the garage floor, just two steps down, but was now pinned against the wall by a dog he apparently didn’t know very well.

He decided he needed some help and maybe the dog would run away. He leaned back towards the door, almost scared to move. Sanders watched closely as Michael pushed the garage door button and the large aluminum door began to rise.

Sanders turned to look at the car and back to Michael, still growling and baring his teeth.

Ms. Jansen from next door passed by on her morning jog and Michael called out to her. She came up to the garage and stopped short. Ms. Jansen then took two steps back.

She told Michael to go back into the house, close the garage. She then left, going to his front door. Michael took a step towards the house, then another and Sanders stopped growling. When Michael entered the house, Sander s calmly walked in behind him, tail wagging.

Michael rushed to the front door, where Ms. Jensen informed him there was a large snake coiled up just under the front door of his car. The dog was keeping him from being attacked.

Ms. Jensen played with Sanders while Michael called his boss and animal control.

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