Feb. 11 Writing Prompt

This entire month we have worked on out arcs, from the narrative arc to the character arc. We even had fun creating mini arcs (MARCs) for insignificant characters that make appearances in our stories.

Today, as we head into Friday and the weekend, we are going to be a little more playful with the prompt.

No lesson today, just some fun writing practice to get you thinking and going.

So, let’s take a look at the prompt and then I will discuss why I put it up.

February 11

Jack enters a small corner store with a robbery in progress. He remains oblivious until he is ready to check out and finds a shotgun pointed at his face. He removes his headphones…

I love this prompt because there are so many possibilities.

Jack can be 9 years old just there after school to buy a soda, or he can be 39 buying a lunchtime burrito.

Shopping Can Be Dangerous
Shopping may be more of an adventure than you (or Jack) want

You can have Jack there on purpose, knowing about the on-going robbery, or he can be literally oblivious.

Also having headphones in can be a hindrance or a blessing.

Then you also get to decide what he is going to do once the headphones are out. Is he sarcastic and unbothered? Will he wet his pants out of fear?

I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this one!

Make sure you post what you came up with in the comment section so we can all enjoy!

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