Feb. 13 Writing Prompt

Welcome to the weekend! It is time to get to work on your own projects without having to worry about alarm clocks or clocking in for work (unless, of course, you work weekends).

So for today, we are going to keep it short and sweet. Also fun. Plus it will grease your wheels for your own WiP.

Just a standard writing prompt today, but first a gentle reminder.

On the main blog we are doing a few posts in a row about copywriting. If you ever wanted to work from home, either part or full time, these posts are a good place to start.

Alright. Shameless self-promotion out of the way, let’s get on to the actual writing prompt for the weekend.

February 13

Choose a short poem, limerick, lullaby or nursery rhyme and rewrite it with a new ending.

Seems fairly straight forward, yeah? It’s harder than you think, though.

You need to keep the same beat, meter or pitch as the original but change the wording so it has a new ending.

The entire thing can be different, of course, but we should be able to read yours and instantly know what we are reading and be able to read it in the same manner as the original.

I suggest you pick something relatively short, but songs and poems can be used here, too, if you have a favorite.

I’ve decided to try my hand with the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme.

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill are over 200 years old now. A nasty fall it would be indeed.
Here is what I came up with

Jack and Jill

Went to the mill

To grind some corn and barter

The clerk took a shine

Jack lost his mind

Now they’re both a bit smarter

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