Feb. 14 Writing Prompt

It’s the international day of love. And as you may need time to spend with your loved ones, it is still time to write a little.

So we will make a quick and pretty prompt for you, and who knows? Maybe you can take your creation and pass it off as a late Valentine’s Day gift.

If you do, then at least you can spend more time writing while you are in the doghouse. But I digress.

Love Day
What are you going to write for this day of love?

I’m not here to give you relationship advice (you don’t want that), so let’s take a look at the prompt and see what we can come up with.

February 14

Create a poem that expresses love for any inanimate object.

Now, I want to start off that I am not talking about a romantic love. While I will not condemn you for it, it isn’t what I mean.

So, just to clarify, you may have a favorite pen you like to write with, or perhaps you have a favorite chair in the house to sit in.

This prompt is designed to make you write up a short little work about why you love using that item. The poem part of it is just because it is Valentine’s Day, so there should be a theme.

I will admit, that for myself, it has been a long time since I have written a poem of any kind. And as about 99.9999% of my poetry is not the lovey dovey kind, this will be a challenge for me.

But let’s give is a try, yes?

Here is what I came up with

We know the pen is mighty
As it challenges the sword
Like a kamikaze
My Pilot I do hoard

The ink flows even
Always true
A blackest black
No change in hue

I feel alive
With you in hand
Words ebb and flow
Like hourglass sand

A perfect fit
Your curves and my grip
And when you run dry
Through my fingers you slip

P.S. I am not happy with this effort, but at least I did it, right? Pen love. What a thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Share your poems in the comments section so we can all admire your inanimate love.

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