Feb. 16 Writing Prompt

As the week is getting going, we are trying to defrost and thaw out, it is time to write, once again!

Today’s prompt will be quick since I know we have a lot of real-life things to get to (apparently, kids and pets need to be fed “daily”).

As you may recall, yesterday we wrote about a dystopian world. What would happen after the meteor impact or the zombie uprising?

Today, I want to focus on a turn-around. Same situation, only making it better.

Shall we take a look at the prompt?

February 16

Take a dystopian disaster and lead it to a Utopian ending.

As you can see, we are starting out the same as we did on the 15th. Except this time, we won’t dwaddle in the horrific present.

Instead, I want you to take the opportunity to use the reset of the Earth to make everything better.

Utopian novels can appear in just about every genre.

How can you create a Utopia? Here are some ideas:

  • Maintain science and technology advancements
  • Limit the number of humans on the planet
  • Settle any conflicts without violence/war
  • Focus on healing and growth or reform instead of punishment and capture.
  • Love doesn’t have to be prevalent, but compassion and understanding do.
  • Open borders
  • Let people learn about all cultures
  • Remove religion but maintain faith
  • Add fairies. Fairies make everything better
  • Large, wonderful, glowing orbs of light
  • You get the idea…

When you start over, you really do get to “play God.” You can create a world you want to see from the ashes of what your readers know and expect.

It doesn’t have to be 100% believable, either, which is the best part. You can have a meteor strike wipe out everything on the plant, then a group of humans survives.

This group can then cultivate the seeds of your new world. You can make up anything! Go the sci-fi route, go the fantasy route, or just stick to facts and figures of modern technologies and advance them.

Whatever you do, it will be “real” because it is now your world. You aren’t taking over for someone else and inheriting their messes. You are starting fresh.

When you have your new Utopia, post it in the comment section so we can all marvel at your creation.

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