Feb. 17 Writing Prompt

This week (so far) I’ve asked you to write about dystopian worlds. First, we concentrated on the aftermath of what caused the dystopia, then we worked towards turning things around and building a utopia.

Today, the lesson is in-line with the dystopian/utopian theme, but there is a hidden lesson built in.

Instead of coming right out and telling you about the lesson, I will explain the prompt and you can tell me what you think the lesson is.

For the prompt, we will work on another dystopian aspect of world building: structure.

World building is important for many reasons, but the biggest is for reader immersion.

You need your world to be real and believable, even if you have sci-fi or fantasy aspects. Keeping Tolkien in mind, we all know The Shire and Middle Earth aren’t real. But we believe that it does exist because Tolkien allowed us to immerse ourselves in his world.

You can accomplish the same thing by taking time to properly build your world.

Let’s look at today’s prompt before we go further.

February 17

Erase all semblance of a normal world and start your new dystopia.

Everything has a beginning. When you are working on a novel or script, you have to show people a glimpse of what they already know.

This will start the emergence into your story by making them feel in familiar surroundings.

Can you remove what is familiar and launch us into the world you want to create?

Then you can rip it all away. Think about natural disaster movie or alien invasion stories. Everything is normal at the start. We are reading or watching a story that takes place in a familiar place, maybe even our hometown.

Then the aliens show up and start blowing buildings away. Or the tidal wave crashes and everything we know disappears.

So today, you are going to do the same thing. You are going to start off with a normal, familiar location. Get the reader comfortable, then rip it all away.

When you have your story, post it up in the comments for the rest of us to read. Then, let me know what you think the hidden lesson for today is.

I am sure you can figure it out. Right?

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