Feb. 18 Writing Prompt

Well, I will admit it. I almost missed today’s prompt.

However, the sickness and weather and dreariness is no match for a good habit.

I firmly believe that if I had missed any previous prompts, I would not be here right now, and as I laid in bed pondering the ability to just catch this date next year, the good habit of doing this every day prevailed.

Yesterday, I asked you to write about dystopia some more but to also guess to the hidden lesson. Did you figure it out?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil it. You can go back and get it today, or tomorrow.

In the previous prompt we dealt with erasing the familiar and building the dystopia we have dreamed of.

But what about those that don’t want to build a dystopia? Utopian worlds are just as good and well written.

Utopian Start
Why not strive to build a better world? You can do whatever you want!

Perhaps we should try that today, no?

February 18

Erase the familiar world and build a better one in its place.

So, today is opposite day. We still need to remove our readers familiarity with the known world.

That is still a big key to engaging the reader and making them feel comfortable.

Except this time, you will build a better world. And let’s be honest here, we already live in a pretty dystopian era. It isn’t hard to make things better.

Show your readers how bad it is, destroy that world and then build a new one. Envision what should be better, how it can make a difference and write it.

When you have finished, you should have the start of a new world, one where things are happy and bright and better for all humankind.

Remember this is only a prompt. You don’t have to pour out pages and pages. You can, of course, I won’t stop you.

Just don’t forget your current WiP.

Also, be sure to post your Utopia here in the comment section. I can’t wait to see them!

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