Feb. 20 Writing Prompt

I hope the weekend is finding you well.

Today it is time to relax a bit, maybe go see a few friends in a public place (if Covid allows it!) and mingle.

Otherwise it is time to buckle down, grab some coffee (or tea if it’s too late for coffee), and get to writing.

So, let’s not waste any time! Today’s writing prompt is a fun one. Just a little exercise with explaining details.

February 20

Write a scene about a girl sneaking up on another girl, using as many adjectives and descriptors as possible, without making it “flowery” (purple prose).

The trick here is that you want to write more like you are telling a story to someone in person, not writing it.

When we write you shouldn’t use such flowery, poetic prose. I’ve covered this many times, but we don’t need 6 paragraphs about how blue Katie’s eyes are.

How Blue of You
Is this really going to push your story forward? Is the bad guy going to win cause the eyes aren’t green?

To be quite honest, we don’t even need to know what color they are at all, or even that she has eyes (unless it is important to the story).

99% of the time I am going to tell you to let your reader fill in as many holes as possible. This allows them to form their own image in their mind of who people are, what places look like and where things go down.

This also helps bring them into the story, getting them involved and engaged.

Today, though, is that 1%.

Your writing today will expand on your use of exuberant wording. Describe the who, what, why, how and even the where.

I still ask that you not be flowery about it. That is a cheap way out. Challenge yourself to be overly descriptive without being poetic.

If it helps, pretend whatever is happening in your story is something you are telling to the police in an interrogation room.

Be descriptive, but concise.

When you are done with the challenge, post your writing in the comment section below. This should be a fun one!

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