Feb. 27 Writing Prompt

The month is almost over! I can’t believe it (though, I have been waiting for it). I am sick of winter. Aren’t you?

Let’s look ahead a bit and talk about warmer days, trips to the beach and soaking in that sun, even if it is through a window.

Sunny Days Ahead!
Sunny days and great views are always a sign of good times.

For today’s prompt we are going to look at setting. This is different than a scene setting, where you set up the scene and give your readers something to emerge themselves into.

Inside that scene set-up is where the setting comes in to play. Is it indoors or outdoors? What’s the weather like? Maybe your MC needs an umbrella, or maybe they forgot their sunglasses.

As it goes, the setting isn’t quite important. Not as important as the scene setting, anyway.

Think about the movie Saw (the original, good one). We find the two captives chained to the floor in some weird warehouse bathroom. It’s dark and dirty and gloomy, the heavy chains already chafing their legs.

All of that is part of the scene set-up. But do you think it would matter if they were in a bedroom, or perhaps a large living room?

Of course it would matter! You see, the cold tiles, having to sit on the floor with no comfortable seats, not to mention a “dead” guy laying in the middle of the floor, pool of blood slowly growing.

It all matters to the ambiance of that particular scene. Comfort is removed, and it lets the viewer know what the characters are going through.

As a writer, you need to do the same thing. Before I explain more, let’s look at today’s writing prompt.

February 27

Go inside your favorite scene and change the setting to make the environment better.

For this prompt, you can select any scene you like. It can be from a book or a movie. It can even be one you wrote yourself.

Look at me giving you options!

Once you have your scene selected, I want you to bypass the scene set-up. Ignore the characters, actions and everything else going on in the scene. Focus only on the scene setting.

How can you make it better? A sunny day instead of a rainy day is one way. Improve the lighting, add more comfortable seating.

You can add, remove or change anything you like about the setting, as long as it is an improvement. Make it a Disney-style make-over. Wave your bippity-boppity boo and make everything super nice.

When you have finished, post your new scene in the comment section. If the scene is your own (or lesser known) you can highlight the changes you made.

Have fun making your scene world a better place! Also, recycle.

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