Feb. 28 Writing Prompt

For the final day of the month, I figured I would give you something a little different.

Well, different for this blog, anyway. Instead of a lesson or a set up scenario (or a recipe) I will be even more “normal.”

So today, we are going to deal with full-on creative writing. That’s right! You get to write whatever you want, however you want with only minimal guidelines.

I don’t do this type of writing prompt often, and for good reason: it is not as productive as one with a built in lesson.

However, it is a great way to reduce or remove writer’s block, and as such, I figured I should give you a way to start battling that. You know, just in case.

Perhaps every now and then I will throw one of these more normal writing prompts at you, and allow you to just go off and write however you see fit.

I know, it’s crazy. But here we are.

Who's Crazy?
There is nothing wring with being a little crazy. Okay, maybe one thing…

So, without further ado, or any fanfare, I give you the final writing prompt of February (that isn’t a leap year).

February 28

Write a story or scene in your favorite style, that uses the following attributes:

  • A bouncer named Sally
  • A palm tree shaped pool float
  • 4 gallon buckets of white paint
  • a book about riddles.

Alright. You have 4 items to include in your story, which you can write however you see fit.

This could be a poem, or a short story or an Irish Limerick. As long as you have all four elements in there, you win! Bonus points if it reads through and makes sense.

Now, get out there, open your notepads or turn on your tablet or open your writing software of choice and get to work!

When you are finished, post your stories here in the comment section below and share with the rest of us!

Otherwise, I will see you next month!

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