Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Extra Draft is the brain-child of JT Pledger who wanted to bring his writing method to the world. You can read about the ideas behind the courses here. Once the writing method was published, he moved on to helping those looking for a work from home career by making courses and training materials for those that wanted to follow in his footsteps and learn the tricks of the trade.

There is no time limit. Each course is set up to be completed at your own pace. Many students find that doing a lesson or two per day (or even per week) is more their speed. Others like to run through the entire course in a single sitting. The choice is yours. Once you have paid for a course you have unlimited, lifetime access to the videos and all course materials.

Most of the courses will have what is known as “Coffee Time.” These are special videos where students have sent in a question and it is answered by a member of the team. There will be Facebook Live sessions for quick Q&A and other live video conferences. Extra Draft may also hold webinars from time to time. You also have the option of participating in the course forums where you can get quick feedback from team members as well as other students.

Extra Draft proudly stands behind their courses and materials. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, with a video course you can get a full refund within 30 days. Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for eBook and PDF purchases.

Extra Draft was created using the Chrome Browser. However, the website and videos are designed to display and perform on all modern browsers and operating systems. If you have a specific issue, please use the contact form to get assistance.

Absolutely. By utilizing the site’s store, you can purchase a gift card to send to a friend. They can then cash in the gift card for a course of their choice. There are no refunds for gift card purchases, or for courses purchased using a gift card.

When the course is completed, your profile will show that you are finished. However, you have lifetime access to the course and materials. While the course may be completed, you can come back and review any or all lessons at any time.

or video courses, you get lifetime access to the video lessons, all downloadable content contain within the lesson and access to the forum for that course. With eBook or PDF purchases you will have instant access to download the product. If you need to download the product again, you can use the same link found in the email, or contact the team for assistance.

Currently there isn’t a mobile app for taking a video course. However, the videos do display on both Android and iOS devices through the browser on the smartphone or tablet. 

You can contact the Extra Draft team at any time using the contact form. Do not use the contact form to turn in homework assignments or contact instructors. Methods for these purposes will be available through the course pages. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response, although the team does try hard to answer all emails within 12 – 24 hours.