Ghostwriting is under the copywriting umbrella. As stated on the main page, it is also the easiest side of the industry to get into.

In case you don’t know, ghostwriting is any writing done “behind the scenes.” You are the copywriter, you wrote the article, blog post, novel, etc. But when it is published, someone else’s name is on the byline. You do not get credit, you do not own the rights and you can never claim it as your own ever again.

The biggest benefit to ghostwriting, besides being simple to start as a career, is that the paychecks are typically larger. This is something you will have to work out with your clients, though.

However, the idea is that those that get to put their name and a link to their website or socials, get that exposure and potential future clients. Since you don’t get that added advertising, you get paid more for the work.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

If you are looking to start a side hustle or even a new career to replace your normal 9 to 5, ghostwriting is a viable answer.

You don’t need any formal writing education, no degrees or even a portfolio. If you know the little tips, tricks and secrets, you can find a paying gig today!

What Do You Need to be a Successful Ghostwriter Right Now?

  • Electricity and Internet connection. You need to power your PC and be able to get your emails and apply for gigs.
  • A computer. It isn’t viable to write full length articles from your phone. Plus the editing and formatting need more reliable sources.
  • Understanding of spelling, grammar and basic American English. While clients come from all over the world, the vast majority want sites in American English, which is the largest English-based consumer market in the world.
  • A professional email account. Use Gmail, or any other email provider. Just use your name or brand. Stay away from your high school account “bigbootyluvR6969.”
  • Ability to use Google and conduct research on any topic.

That’s it. With these few things (and my help) you can start writing for pay today!

How to Start Ghostwriting

The first step is to spend some time on the copywriting section of the blog. You will learn a lot about schedules, expectations, word counts and even formatting tips.

Next, I offer several courses, webinars, PDFs and other resources to get you going. A small investment now to secure your future, which, with some diligence, can be only a week or two away!