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The blog post titled “How Going Outside Will Make Your Book Better” is now a guest blog post for Between The Lines.

You can find the blog and all of it’s wonderful information on the BTL website by following this link: Read the Blog.

Going outside with Extra Draft
Extra Draft Guest Blog.

In the post we talk about what happens when you are bottled up. I also offer 5 solutions you can use – right now! – to help overcome the writer’s block, improve your writing and make your book even better.

You may not realize how much you have been inside lately (pandemic anyone?) but even in a normal society, writer’s tend to spend too much time indoors.

Go find out what you can do about it, why it is important to get away for a while and how going outside can actually improve your writing. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t stop there, though! Between the Lines, run by our contributor Hannah Bauman, is a fabulous resource for writing as well.

There are many things you can learn there.

Having a spot on such a wonderful platform makes me proud and honored. Be sure to browse around the site for more information, then come back here to continue reading!


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