It’s Not the First of the Month

The truth is I enjoy the first half of any month far more than I do the last half. I like looking at my nearly blank calendar and dreaming of the possibilities that lie ahead.

I can look at my middle and long-term goal lists and think about how much I can get done.

All of my little projects, ideas and goals bounce around with enough time to get to all of them.

Invariably though, what happens is my procrastrination demons kick in and convince me I have plenty of time. Relax. Take a day off, then another. Look! The calendar is barely crossed off.

So many things to do. How many days are left?

Then, the next thing I know, I have 6 days left in the month and more work that I really want to deal with during that time.

Of course, during this crunch time, I know that I will put out some of my best work. I will also meet all my deadlines and finish the month strong.

The problem with this knowledge is that if I know it, those damn procrastination goblins know it too. They dance on my shoulder sticking their little Delay-Ray guns in my ear and pulling the trigger.

I never really panic. Which maybe I should. Perhaps I need to mis a deadline and have some consequence of doing so. Perhaps I need to have a month go by where I don’t accomplish everything I set out for that month.

That’ll teach me!

But, it won’t teach me. It used to happen all the time. Before I found my way and taught myself how to stay organized and productive.

I am lazy and I will never lie about that. I find ways to get my shit done, though and I guess that is what matters.

What I really want, though, is a month where I finish all of my work well ahead of schedule, have my days off in the middle and end the month not looking at the calendar every day figuring out the best course of action for what’s next.

Maybe next month.

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