Jan. 03 Writing Prompt

People ask me about the daily writing prompts (well, okay, no one asks me – BUT, I figure it is at least worth mentioning). “What happens if I miss a day?”

I assume they are talking about themselves, but since I refuse to admit anyone is that self-centered, I make it about me, instead.

My goal is to bring you 365 days worth or writing prompts. Eventually I will succeed. The ability, of course, is there, but sometimes life gets in the way.

There will be days in the future, I am sure, where I have to miss a day, or two, or 30. So, you know what I am going to do?

I’m going to do my best.

Trying My Best
I try, therefore I eventually succeed.

That’s it. Just my best. If I miss a day, then I will skip that day and try again the following day.

That’s all you have to do, as well. Try your best (look at me making this about you).

The prompts are something I enjoy doing. I like the little creative intros or excerpts they force me to create. I hope that you like them, too.

But I also love rib eye steak. I also, also know I won’t eat it every single day (if only). Things we love tend to happen a lot, we make them happen, which is what I am doing with these prompts.

So if I miss a day, I will be sad, and I will move on, but you know what? That missed day, will come back next year. And hopefully, I will be able to add the writing prompt to that day for a complete list, eventually.

Once that happens? I don’t know. I’ll make a new goal for stuff for us to do daily and go from there.

For now, let’s get to the days’ writing prompt, yes?

January 03

You find a wallet on the ground. You open it to find out who it belongs to so you can do the right thing and return it. There is a $5 bill inside and you pull it out. Immediately another $5 bill appears, replacing the one you removed.

A little Sci-Fi today, eh? Alright, check out what I came up with below. Then write your own (or write yours first). Let me know what you come up with in the comment section below!

Jarred walks down the boardwalk kicking little stones and pushing his hands down further into his pockets. The day wasn’t kind and his mood kept getting further and further down the drain.

When the rain started, Jarred pulled his hood up and kept walking. When other people were diving into store fronts or hiding under umbrellas, Jarred continued his leisurely stroll-like pace, ignoring the conditions around him.

With his head down he notices a wallet just before he kicks it. Bending over to pick it up let rain run down the back of his pants, causing him to growl in frustration.

Inside the wallet there were a few faded pictures and a $5 bill. There wasn’t any presence of an ID or indication of whom the wallet belonged to. Jarred noticed there was a receipt of some kind tucked under the bill. Maybe he could return to the store to see if anyone knew who the wallet belonged to.

When he pulled the five-dollar bill from the wallet to get to the receipt, another fiver showed up in it’s place immediately.

Jarred stopped walking.

He pulled the second fiver out of the wallet and another one appeared. He pulled a fourth, fifth and sixth bill from the wallet. Holding $30 worth of fives in his hand and looking at a seventh materialize right before his eyes, Jarred began to smile.

He looked around, confused and scared, hoping no one was watching him. But an older man, maybe in his early eighties, was slowly walking towards him.

The old man was bent over walking into the wind and rain without a coat, hat or jacket. He approached Jarred, who was still standing with $30 in his hand, gripping tight to the wallet.

“It appears,” the Old Man said, “your day just got better. You best follow me now, or else everyone will want what you have.”

Jarred didn’t speak. But he did move. He didn’t turn and follow the old man, though. Instead, he started running the opposite direction as fast as his legs would carry him. There was no way anyone was getting near him or his magic wallet. Not now. Not today.

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