Jan. 07 Writing Prompt

A week into the new year and we are still going strong. If you haven’t been following along, there is still time to catch up. Just click here to see all the writing prompts and get to work!

Your stories don’t have to be long. 200 to 500 words at most is plenty. Just write enough to get the juices flowing, the brain waves moving and you are all set.

Today we will do a more normal prompt. Mainly because I am extra lazy today (and I haven’t slept in over 30 hours yet). But, there is still a point to the madness.

For today’s prompt, you will need to think a little bit. Find out what the topic means to you and how that affects what you are going to write.

You can make this as personal as you want, or make it all about some made up person. Just remember, personal stories add emotion. They tie you and the reader together, especially if the reader has gone though a similar situation.

That’s what we want, right? To connect with our readers on a deeper, more personal level? Here is your chance to practice!

January 07

You are down and out. Far from home. Out of cell service range (for miles and miles) and the only thing of value in your possession is your grandfather’s watch. You need food, shelter, and a way home.

What Happens When You’re All Alone?

For this prompt, feel free to change it up a bit. If a watch doesn’t work for you, make it something else.

Have you been in a similar situation? Feel free to make it more personalized to that experience and let the emotions shine through.

Then share with us in the comments below.

Here is what I came up with

The old man watches me, I can feel his eyes following my every step. Even from behind his overgrown beard I can tell he is smiling.

I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been on this road. I’ve seen the sun overhead twice now and it is almost gone again. Everything hurts and I my ankle is swelling up from when I fell a few miles back.

The few lights I see up ahead don’t give me much hope, but if they have a working phone I can borrow, I should be fine.

Still, that old man creeps me out. It feels like I am looking at myself, in the future. Old, alone, stuck on the side of the road laughing at passers-by as they succumb to the same fate as… us.

After a few more miles under my shoes and a few more swallows of dust, I reach the lights. A small diner with only a single car in the lot. I was afraid of this.

I don’t have any money. Hell, I don’t have anything except the clothes on my back and this watch on my wrist. It’s pretty worthless, just an old Casio that my grandpa used to wear.

I pull open the door and take a seat at the first booth I come to. I can hear the laughing behind me. It won’t stop. I turn to look for the source and in the booth on the other side of the door is the old man from the road.

“That’s a nice watch you got there.” He said.

“How much you want for it?”

I turned around and instinctively grasped my wrist. The watch was gone!

The old man appeared next to me, hold the Casio up to the light. “Yessir, mighty fine watch. Had one just like it when I was your age. Whatcha want for it? A meal? Maybe a ride to a real town?”

He let out a laugh that made my hair stand on end. “I don’t… I don’t know… NO! It’s not for sale.” I stammered.

The old man dropped his smile and stared back at me. “Everything’s for sale, boy. Everything.”

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