Jan. 11 Writing Prompt

Shall we continue our New Year’s tradition with the 11th writing prompt of the year? Yes! Okay, then.

This lesson is geared to ALL writing types. I don’t care if it is poetry, copywriting, novels, those notes you make on your phone while you’re “indisposed” in the bathroom…

I’m talking about raw emotion! I am also talking about description. Now, most of you know that I am against most use of flowery descriptions. It is generally much better to get to the point.

However, when you constantly write “blue eyes” as “ocean current” or “the early evening sky” it gets boring and redundant.

So for today we have a bit of a different writing prompt for you. Ready for it?

January 11

Pick an emotion. Any emotion. Write as many adjectives as you can for it. If you want a bigger challenge, limit yourself to 5 minutes, 3 minutes, etc.

I’ve decided to go with everyone’s favorite flowery emotion: love. Since I mainly write suspense and thrillers, love doesn’t come along a whole lot.

That is my challenge. Then. Plus, I will go one step further and put them alphabetical order, just cause I love y’all so much.

Make your list and post it in the comment section below!

How many emotions are there?
Ready to see what I came up with?

ablaze, able, abounding, absolute, absorbed, abundant, acceptable, accessible, accidental, acclaimed, accomplished, accurate, aching, active, actual, adamant, adaptable, addicting, adjoining, admirable, admired, adorable, adored, advanced, adventurous, affectionate, afraid, agreeable, ahead, alarming, alert, alike, alive, alluring, altruistic, amazing, ambitious, ample, amused, angelic, appropriate, apt, aromatic, aspiring, assured, astonishing, attached, attentive, attractive, authentic, automatic, avaricious, awake, aware, awesome


bashful, beautiful, befitting, belated, beloved, beneficial, best, better, bewitching, big-hearted, blissful, blushing, bold, boundless, bountiful, brainy, brave, breakable, bright, brilliant, brown-eyed, bubbly, buzzing


calm, candid, capable, carefree, careful, caring, cautious, ceaseless, celebrated, certain, charming, cheeky, cheerful, cheery, chemical, classic, classy, clear-cut, clever, coherent, colorful, comfortable, compassionate, competent, complete, complex, composed, concerned, considerate, constant, cool, cooperative, corny, courageous, courteous, creative, critical, cuddly, curious, cute


daily, daring, darling, dashing, dazzling, dear, dearest, debonair, decent, deep, deeply, definite, delayed, delectable, delicate, delicious, delightful, dependable, dependent, descriptive, detailed, determined, devoted, diligent, dramatic, dynamic


eager, earnest, easy-going, ecstatic, educated, efficient, elated, electric, elegant, elite, embarrassed, emotional, enchanted, enchanting, encouraging, endurable, energetic, enlightened, entertaining, enthusiastic, envious, equal, essential, esteemed, ethereal, euphoric, evanescent, even, everlasting, excellent, excitable, excited, exciting, exclusive, exemplary, exhilarated, exotic, exuberant


fabulous, fair, faithful, familiar, fanatical, fancy, fantastic, far, far-away, fascinated, faulty, favorable, favorite, feisty, female, feminine, festive, fierce, fine, first, fitting, fixed, flagrant, flawed, flawless, flustered, focused, fond, formal, fortunate, frank, free, fresh, friendly, frightened, functional, funny, future


gainful, generous, gentle, genuine, giddy, gifted, giving, glamorous, gleaming, gleeful, glorious, golden, good, good-natured, goofy, gorgeous, graceful, gracious, grand, grandiose, grateful, great, gripping, groovy, growing, grown


hallowed, handsome, handsomely, handy, happy, happy-go-lucky, hard-to-find, harmonious, healthy, heartbreaking, heartfelt, hearty, heavenly, helpful, high-level, hilarious, honest, honorable, honored, hopeful, hospitable, hot, humble, humorous, hurt, hypnotic, hysterical


ideal, idealistic, idolized, illustrious, imaginative, immaculate, impassioned, impeccable, important, impressive, incomparable, incredible, industrious, infatuated, innocent, insistent, instinctive, instructive, intelligent, interesting


jam-packed, jazzy, jealous, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, jubilant, judicious


kaleidoscopic, keen, kind, kind-hearted, kindly, knowledgeable, kooky


lasting, lavish, leading, lean, learned, legitimate, light, lighthearted, likable, likely, lively, livid, living, longing, long-term, lovable, lovely, loving, loyal, lucky, lush, lustrous, luxuriant, luxurious


magical, magnificent, majestic, major, mature, memorable, merry, mighty, mine, modern, modest, momentous, moral, motherly, mysterious


natural, naughty, necessary, new, nice, nifty, nimble, nocturnal, nonstop, normal, nostalgic, notable, noted, noteworthy, novel, nutty


obsequious, observant, obvious, occasional, oceanic, official, old-fashioned, one, only, open, opposite, optimal, optimistic, original, outgoing, outrageous, outstanding, overdue, overjoyed


panoramic, parallel, passionate, peaceful, perfect, perky, personal, physical, piercing, playful, pleasant, pleased, pleasing, poised, polished, polite, popular, posh, positive, possible, powerful, practical, precious, premium, present, pretty, primary, prime, pristine, private, prize, probable, proper, protective, proud, pumped, pure


quaint, qualified, quick-witted, quiet, quintessential, quirky


radiant, rambunctious, rampant, rapid, rare, raw, ready, real, realistic, reasonable, receptive, reflective, regal, reliable, relieved, remarkable, required, respectful, responsible, responsive, rewarding, right, romantic, rowdy, royal


safe, sane, sarcastic, sassy, satisfied, satisfying, savory, scared, scary, scintillating, self-assured, self-reliant, sentimental, serene, serious, shameless, shocking, shy, silent, silky, silly, sincere, sizzling, skillful, sleepy, slim, smart, smiling, smootchable, sociable, sophisticated, soulful, sparkling, special, specific, spectacular, spicy, spiffy, spirited, splendid, stable, statuesque, steadfast, steady, stimulating, striking, strong, stunning, stupendous, sturdy, stylish, substantial, subtle, successful, sunny, super, superb, superior, supportive, supreme, surprised, sweet, sweltering, sympathetic


talented, talkative, tangible, tasteful, tasty, taut, tearful, tempting, tender, terrific, thankful, therapeutic, thorough, thoughtful, tidy, total, tough, tranquil, treasured, tremendous, true, trusting, trustworthy, truthful


ubiquitous, ultimate, ultra, unbiased, uncommon, understood, unequaled, unique, united, unselfish, unsung, unusual, upbeat, utopian


valid, valuable, velvety, versed, vibrant, victorious, vigilant, vigorous, virtuous, visible, vital, vivacious, vivid


wacky, waiting, wanting, warm, warmhearted, weird, welcome, whirlwind, whispered, wide-eyed, wild, willing, wise, womanly, wonderful, worldly, worthwhile, worthy

X, Y, Z

xenial, xenodochial, yielding, young, youthful, yummy, zany, zealous, zesty, zippy

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