Jan. 12 Writing Prompt

On the 12th day of writing prompts, my true love gave to me, 12 writing prompts, 11 writing lessons, 10…(trails off).

Not only am I starting today’s prompt with some silliness, I am also going to read your mind. Ready for it? You just sang that first line to yourself in the manner of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

Boom. Mind = Blown.

How did I know? I didn’t mention Christmas, the image for today’s post has nothing to do with Christmas, and yet, you sang it.

It’s not magic and I didn’t really read your mind, of course. There are a few things at play though. 1st, words have power.

Second, I used a bit of logic. “The 12 days” is a popular song, almost everyone has heard it. Plus, Christmas wasn’t that long ago so the tunes are still in recent memory and the song is easily recognizable.

You have seen other instances of these “mind games” before. There are memes and such going around that you have probably seen. Like the “You will read this line first. and this line second…” and other similar things.

These aren’t tricks. They are simple logic manipulation techniques. It is the same technique that mentalists and magicians use to fool their audiences.

You can use the power of words to make your own magic

Today, we are going to try it for ourselves. Copywriting is all about making people feel a certain way, connecting with an audience, getting on their level.

Some scrupulous copywriters will use these tricks to try and manipulate their audience. Black hat copywriting is never a good idea. Always use your power for good.

Believe me, long-term paying clients and customers are much better than one time customers who are pissed off at you.

Anyway, on with the prompt.

January 12

Take something well known, easily recognized and make it your own. Maintain the recognition of the original, but make sure it has your flare.

Further Information

Since I started the post with an example of my own, I won’t offer another one.

However, what I will give you is more things to think about.

When connecting with an audience, you need to be memorable. This doesn’t mean you have to stand out so much you make a fool of yourself. You don’t need to tell a joke every other sentence.

You also don’t need to be extra vulgar. Believe me, I am not afraid of words, and I do have some strong language. That, though, is how I talk.

Being a comedian is a great attention grabber, but it can also get really old, extremely fast.

We also mentioned the black hat copywriting, which is using tricks to get your cash. While it can be a thin line at times, you want to grab attention, give the information, explain why your product is the best, and always be honest.

There is no reason to trick or mislead for a quick sale. If your product is that good, people will buy it. And if people are buying it, you don’t need to lie to increase those sales.

What you do need to do is write better copy. Use logic, placement, bold headlines, expert color choices and for god’s sake make sure you list and explain the benefits.

Now, find yourself an ad, a song, an image. Something that is iconic, stands out, is already remembered. Then make it your own.

Share what you come up with in the comment section when you are done!

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