Jan. 14 Writing Prompt

The weekend is coming and it is time to start thinking about your stories. One of the most difficult things to do when writing is to build your scene.

Scene building is actually a simple thing. You have a character enter a place and there, you have a scene. The problem is, that your readers expect to dive into your story, become enveloped and lose themselves while they are reading.

Along with expert character building, expert scene building is critical to the success of your story.

Today’s writing prompt is designed to help you build a scene that is worth reading.

As always, there will be a twist.

Cabin in the Woods
You can live here and get $1 million per year… blah blah

January 14

Write a scene that takes place inside a cabin, in the woods, during a sunrise.

Seems easy enough. Hell, half of the work with this prompt is already done for you. So where is the twist? It is here:

When writing your scene, the only “character” you can use is a fly. No dialogue use and you must use all five senses, plus all six sides of the room.

As an added twist (though, optional) do it in less than 200 words.

Ready? Post what you come up with in the comments so everyone can see!

Here is what I came up with

Mortimer flew into the cabin to avoid the coming sun. He knew if the sun rose high enough it would melt the overnight freeze and the dew would stick to his wings.

The fly landed on the door and climbed through the keyhole in the handle. Inside, the warmth of the cabin was non-existent. Abandoned and left to rot in the woods, the cabin should make a nice refuge for Mortimer until the dew dried up.

The floor was sticky and Mortimer knew not to walk on it. He could smell the tar and feces of other animals seeking refuge. As much as he wanted to taste the buffet, he knew he would end up stuck to the floor until he died.

Sticking to the walls, he watched the morning sunlight cast awkward shadows on the ceiling. The dust covered light covers were mostly broken, making the light dance in interesting angles.

Mortimer froze. The vibrations from the growls made him tremble with fear. The shadow grew over him and he could feel the eyes of the forest glaring at him.

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