Jan. 16 Writing Prompt

Hello kids! Today’s writing prompt is a little more straight forward.

While there is still an element of teaching involved (as always) it is more about repetition. Practice.

There is an old saying that practice makes perfect. But this isn’t exactly true, is it? Practice creates habits.

Doing something for 21 days becomes a habit, for 90 days becomes an established habit and after 10,000 hours you become a master.

But think about this: What if you practice wrong? What if a race car driver only used 1st gear? The car would still go, he would still eventually cross the finish line, so technically, he is doing it right.

After his 10,000 hours, he would be a master race car driver. But, only in 1st gear. And while he may get off the line better than anyone else on the track, he will never win a race, he will never take home a trophy.

No, the old saying should be “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

If you are going to be the best at something, you need to be near perfect. The only way to get near perfect is to identify your weaknesses, work on them and make them stronger, then practice being better.

Repeat as needed.

So for today, we are going to just have a normal writing prompt. But I want you to take your time with it. Execute the prompt perfectly.

Will it be perfect? Most likely not. But when you are done, be proud of it. Then you can dissect it, see where you are weak and work to better yourself the next time.

We love our pets


January 16

Write a complete scene about an injured animal.

For the prompt, a complete scene includes the scene setting, the characters, action and dialogue.

However, if you already know where your weak spots are, concentrate more on those and less on the others. For example, one of my weak spots is in dialogue.

While I have grown a lot better with characters speaking, I’m not as comfortable with it as I would like, so in my assignment, I will still build the scene and have action, but I will focus my attention on having perfect dialogue.

When you are done with your scene, post it in the comment section below the article and tell us where you struggled the most.

Here is What I Got

Mart and Chet walk there puppy Marco into the vet clinic. It wasn’t supposed to be busy today, but the waiting room was full of people and animals of all types.

“I’m going to check in, you go find us a place to, well, stand, I guess.” Chet said, looking around.

Mart took Marco to a corner of the waiting room. There was enough room for the three of them against the wall next to a woman and her dog. Mart smiled to the lady as he took his place up against the bricks and told Marco to sit.

“Hello, I’m Mart, this is Marco.” Mart said.

“Hi,” the lady replied. “I’m Alice, this is Pewter.”

“What a wonderful name! What brings you in here today?” Mart noticed Pewter was laying on the floor in an awkward position and wasn’t moving much at all.

“He decided to fight the hammock blowing in the wind, got caught up and I think he broke his leg. I’m hoping it is just a sprain, though.”

“Oh my goodness!” Mart replied. Chet joined the group with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Chet.” he said.

“This is Alice and Pewter.” Mart replied. “Pewter has a broken leg, it seems. Or maybe a sprain.”

“Oh no! That isn’t good at all, have you been waiting long?” Chet asked.

“Only about an hour and a half or so.” Alice said.

As the trio compared notes and talked a little more, the nurse called for Marco. Chet pushed off against the wall and took a few steps before he realized Mart and Marco weren’t following.

“That’s us, come on.” He said.

“If it is alright, can Alice and Pewter be seen first? We are only here for a nail trim. Pewter needs assistance worse.”

The nurse grabbed her files and nodded. Alice and Pewter hobbled along behind, glancing back with a smile and a thank you. Mart nodded as Chet huffed and returned to his spot against the wall.

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