Jan. 17 Writing Prompt

In yesterday’s prompt we talked about perfect practice. Today, we continue the trend but in a slightly different way.

Today we will take something we aren’t good with and practice making it better. Because this prompt is generic and I don’t know you, we will take each part on a different day until we complete an entire scene.

For the first prompt we will work with dialogue. I chose this to be first because, as I mentioned yesterday, I feel that the speaking parts are my weakest aspect.

Plus, you are physically here to stop me and my name is on the blog, so, neener.

Let’s get right into it, then. Shall we?

January 17

Write out a scene using ONLY dialogue.

While I am full aware that I use the UK spelling of dialogue (even though I am officially an American), that is besides the point.

Just gonna have a little chat.

Filling in scene details through speech isn’t something you will do on a regular basis. However, it is a great exercise to show you what is important to a scene and what is filler.

Post your writing in the comment section below the article!

Here is what I got

“Dude! I can’t see with the blind fold on.” Rick said.

“Yeah, genius, that’s kind of the idea,” Gavin replied. “Watch your step. Left foot up. There are three short steps in front of you.”

“This is ridiculous. Why am I blindfolded? It’s not my birthday, where are we?”

“If you have to ask, you’ll never know. Stop! two steps to the left to go around the coffee table. Good. Now, no more questions, we are almost there.”

“Gavin, I swear, if this is some prank or joke. Wait, coffee table? Are we at your place? I’m in your living room?”

“Hush now, the couch is coming up.”

“Why am I at your house? I’m not allowed to be here! Your wife will kill me!”

“Well,” said Kate. “That is why I had Gavin bring you here.”

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