Jan. 18 Writing Prompt

We will continue the scene building practice this week. If you missed yesterday’s lesson, it was on dialogue and writing a scene with details only using character’s speech.

Today, we are going to do the same thing, but of course, without any dialogue.

For today’s prompt we are going to focus on the scene itself. In the Extra Draft Writing Method, you will find a large portion of the course about scene building.

This will take a little inspiration from that.

The key here is to remember that a scene takes place in a cube. Whether you are in a home, out in the woods or underwater, your particular scene depicted on your pages resides in a cube.

There are four walls surrounding your characters, and though they may be far away or as close as the inside of an elevator, they are there.

You also have a floor. Even your space story with an alien hovering in the depths of the unknown, there is a floor beneath him.

Likewise, there is a ceiling covering the whole thing. It may have a chandelier attached or it may be puffy white clouds, but there is something overhead holding it all together.

When you see each scene as a cube, your story can fit together easier

The trick is to not forget these things. And while each scene you may write doesn’t need a reminder of all 6 sides of this cube, as the writer you need to know they are there.

Let’s take a look at the prompt for today and then see if there are any more rules to follow before you begin.

January 18

Create a scene that takes place in an office without using any dialogue.

Obviously for this prompt we are writing about a scene taking place in an office. You can (and should) have characters, they should do things, as long as they don’t talk.

When writing your own scenes for your story, you may not need to use all 6 sides of the cube. However, for this prompt today, you will. Make sure to mention (with a purpose and reason) something about all 6 sides of the scene’s cube.

When you are finished, post what you created in the comments section below the article.

Here is What I Came Up With

Ramon walked in to the office, his work boots tracking mud on the ugly carpet. He always thought the red, flowery design clashed with the oak furniture, and gaudy fluorescent lighting above. He was in too much of a hurry today to truly care.

Vicki heard the door close behind her but maintained her gaze out the window. Overlooking the pool at the rear of the building, she pictured herself laying in the sun like the other guests, instead of being held up in this office.

Vicki turned to face her captor, but denied making eye contact. Instead, she focused her attention to the cheap vase full of fake flowers along the wall. Ramon approached and grabbed her arm without saying a word.

She knew by now not to struggle or scream, no one cared, or came to help. As she was pulled away she couldn’t help notice the background in the framed photos they passed.

She saw the same vase and flowers in each photo. Her heels dug in and she yanked her arm from Ramon’s grasp. Her head turned to the opposite wall, focusing on the vase on the shelf.

The pictures must be the previous captors. All dead, she assumed. Perhaps she was next. They hadn’t taken her picture yet, though. She needed to make an escape.

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