Jan. 24 Writing Prompt

Character development. That is the second theme of the year, following our scene building practice. Today is the final day for character development practices.

Let’s recap.

We started by learning how to take the time to develop every character that appears in our stories. Yes, this will add time to your writing, but doing it well will add depth and realism.

Next we took that developed character and added details to a story of their life that is not a part of our actual story.

Finally, we added that character back into our scene with a renewed understanding of their past.

Today, we will practice putting everything together. Remember, though, perfect practice makes perfect.

Let’s look at the prompt.

January 24

Write a scene that begins with your character being happy. End the scene with the same character being sad.

By now you have known me to use this part of the post to give you extra details. Today, those details are more of a challenge.

The change of emotional state is easy enough to do. You can write anything into your scene to introduce or alter the state of your character.

For this challenge, I want you to end the scene the same way you start it.

Alpha Omega
The end is the beginning, and the beginning the end

Your scene will take place wherever you want, and it can detail the character you have built however you need. But it will start and end the same way.

The only change is that your character goes from happy to sad, using the same method you start the scene with.

Think you are up for the challenge?

I’ve given you all the tools you need to make it happen. You can practice getting to know all of your characters, putting even the smallest character in a big situation

When you can do that, you have a super power. A way with words, and drawing your readers in like no one else can.

When you have your scene written, post it in the comment section below the article so we can all see your masterpiece.

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