Jan. 25 Writing Prompt

Writing prompts serve several purposes. One of those purposes is fun. Another is to make you think about your writing on a different level.

So, for today I am going to combine those two aspects. We will have a little fun and challenge your thinking.

Will it improve your writing? Probably not.

Will it make you a more well rounded author? Also no.

But sometimes, writing just needs to be fun.

So for today’s prompt we are going to make a little writing that you should find both fun and challenging.

So let’s see what the writing prompt is.

January 25

Write a scene in the opposite genre than you normally write.

Simple enough. Right?

If you can juggle multiple genres, you are a true master

For this prompt I will attempt a comedy. Since I normally write suspense, I will try to make something funny.

You can do that as well. If you normally write romance, maybe you can try horror. Likewise, if you write paranormal, try a romance.

If you don’t have an opposite, say for example you write both horror and romance, then pick a genre you don’t write and use that one.

The scene can be whatever you want, as long as it is clear what genre you are writing.

Have fun!

Here is What I Came Up With

Mike stood in the shower, bar of soap in his hands, slowly rubbing sud-circles over his belly. He laughed at the thought of only washing his stomach for the past few minutes.

“I suppose the soap will wash my legs as I rinse off.” he thought. After the rinse, Mike turned the shower off and got out, searching for the towel in the near-dark.

The 2-watt night light wasn’t strong enough to see clearly, but with Rebecca still asleep, he didn’t want to wake her up. He found the towel and dried off as best he could, trying not to make a mess in the bathroom.

Getting dressed would be even more difficult. He didn’t even know where his pants were.

With socks on his feet and a shirt he was pretty sure was on inside out, he found his pants. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled one foot, and then the other, through the leg holes.

As he stood to pull them on, he fell forward and landed on the ground. He barely had enough time to let go of the jeans and brace his impact.

Rebecca let out a chuckle, trying to remain faking being asleep, but couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Mike wobbled back to his feet and managed to sit on the bed again, the jeans still around his calves.

“And what, my dear, is so damn funny?” Mike asked.

“Well, you trying to get dressed in the dark is funny enough,” she replied, “But watching you trying to put my jeans on makes it hysterical.”

“What? How can you see in the dark? Are you a bat or something?”

“Yes. I am a bat, Mike. That must be what it is. Here, dork.” Rebecca tossed Mike’s jeans to him, laughing as they wrapped around his face.

Mike spun around and even in the dark he knew he was blushing and was pretty sure she could see it. “Well, it is the only possible explanation, there is, so I’m going with it.”

“Sounds good, dear.” Rebecca rolled over and clicked on the lamp resting on the night stand. She burst out laughing, covering her mouth with her hands and flopped back on her pillow.

Mike looked at himself, wondering what could be that funny. Apparently, wearing 2 different socks, his wife’s jeans around his ankles, his shirt and underwear on both inside out and backwards, was enough to set her off.

“This is going to be a spectacular day.” Mike sighed. He removed all his clothing and tried again, now that he could see.

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