Jan. 29 Writing Prompt

Today’s prompt comes from the heart.

Not my heart, mind you, but my dog’s heart.

This beautiful lazy bastard spawns more story ideas than I care to admit. And while most of them end up in the waste basket, there are a few that make the cut.

I love animals in stories. I think they add a class that a lot of stories without them miss. There is an instant connection when a reader shares the same pet types, or even a dislike for certain animals.

As writer’s we strive to make those kind of connections with our readers and when it happens, they are pulled even deeper into your work.

So, today, we will let our furry or scaly friends take center stage.

I am extremely interested in what you come up with.

January 29

Write a story where your pet (or any animal if you don’t have a pet) is the main character.

This writing prompt is easy for those that are thinking children’s book. So, let’s make it more difficult.

The animal protagonist in your story cannot talk, is not humanized, and is not a part of a children’s book.

It is a standard pet/animal that happens to be the focal point of your tale.

I will allow, though, the use of thoughts, interactions and semi-human facial expressions.

If you need some inspiration, my pup is cute as a button and you can use him for your story, if you like.

His name is Azurik and here he is trying to set up a tripod to take videos for me as I record the Extra Draft Video Writing Course.

Azuirk the ViDOGrapher
He is a viDOGrapher, get it?

After you finish your story, be sure to post it in the comment section below so everyone can enjoy it!

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