Jan. 30 Writing Prompt

We are almost done with the first month of the year. And while I wasn’t able to add my own writing to each prompt, I was able to put a prompt up every day so far!

I won’t lie, it was difficult at first. It is easy to just say, here is this topic, now go write.

But to actually care enough to include a little lesson and reason for each prompt? That was something I added for myself. I want this to matter to you as much as it does to me.

For that, I have to perform. And aside from a couple of missing writing examples of my own, I have been a good circus monkey and performed well for you.

I will do my absolute best to keep it up!

So, let’s focus on today, the 30th writing prompt of the year.

Today is all about relaxing. There’s a hell of a lesson, huh? “Take it easy.”

But, it is an important lesson and one not many writer’s truly embrace. There is a fine line between panic and being comatose and if you can ride that line, your writing will evolve into something great.

I’m all for writing (obvious, right?) but there is a limit.

A lot of “experts” will tell you to write every day or you will be doomed to a life of soggy pork chops, or whatever.

They tell you to set word count goals per day and never miss a day and make it a habit and blah blah blah.

I try to write every day. You should to. But not because you have to. Nothing good comes of it.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the prompt.

January 30

Write whatever the hell you want.

My writing is going to be about explaining this whole relaxing writing concept.

Here we go.

How relaxed can you get?

As I stated before, you should write every day, if you can.

I don’t think you should set a deadline. None of that “write X amount of words by the time the street light comes on” bull shit.

You also shouldn’t mandate a daily word count goal either.

I know. I am about to be struck down by the author gods of yore. Hemingway will beat me with a rum bottle. Oh well.

It’s the truth

If you stop and think about it for a second… what happens? Let’s just say you set a daily word count goal. Something stupid simple like 500 words.

Okay, you go along and you do alright for a few days, maybe a week or two.

But eventually, you’re going to miss a day, or you will only get 248 words. What then?

You’re going to panic. While you are sitting there looking for that 249th word, your going to get antsy.

You will tell yourself it is okay, but your mind won’t believe you. And even if you do allow yourself to stop writing, you won’t just “pick it back up tomorrow.”

Instead, you will come back the next day and either have a plan to write 751 words to make up for it, or you will try to finish yesterday’s work.

And if you miss again? You will panic more. Then you will think about being a failure, and your heart will race and you will get angry and you will try to type more words and those will fail…

It’s a big angry cycle that you shouldn’t have to go through.

It only leads to negativity. And even with the best intentions, negative writing is bad. Going to just edit it out later? “You can’t edit a blank page?” Right?

Okay, but why edit crap? If you are going to edit it out and fix it later anyway, why write it in the first place?

Wouldn’t it be better to just write what you can, when you can, without the expectations and pressures?

Of course it would. So just do that.

No mandatory word goals, no robotic “must form a habit and write every day because the Earth’s survival depends on it” attitude.


Write happy, write free. Write because you want to and you enjoy it, not because you have to.

When you write relaxed, not only is is more enjoyable, but your writing is better. Your editing is smoother, your finished product comes quicker.

So write every day. If you can. Otherwise, go hiking, or read a book, or eat diner with the family for once.

Enjoy it all. Write relaxed.

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