Jan. 31 Writing Prompt

In yesterday’s prompt, we wrote whatever we wanted as long as we wrote relaxed.

Today, we are going to focus a little more on that aspect of writing.

For many people, writing is relaxing. We enjoy it. Some of us write because we can, others because we want to.

Rarely, though, will you ever find a writer that writes because they absolutely have to.

When you do find those rare authors, they are disheveled, worried, panicked.

How can that be good?

Here is what I will tell you: If you are writing so you can become famous, or rich… you’re going to fail.

I’m not trying to be negative, but lets’ face it, we write because we love it. Once it becomes mandatory, that love starts to fade. Once it is gone? You can actually begin to loathe it.

Then, writing becomes work. And work is never fun. Writing should never be work.

So, again, yesterday we wrote relaxed. Today, we will write for fun.

Let’s have a look at the prompt.

January 31

Rewrite your favorite scene from your WiP.

This prompt assumes you have a work in progress (WiP). I want you to go through what you already have written down and pick a single scene. Then, rewrite it.

You can make it identical, you can make it the complete opposite. It is your favorite scene for a reason, though, right?

So focus on why it is your favorite, and write it again. This time, though, focus your writing on that one aspect that made you love this scene.

Write Happy
When you write happy and relaxed, you write better

If you do not have a current WiP, then I want you to pick your favorite scene from your favorite book and use that.

Let’s see how much you can change, just by rewriting something already completed. A slight change in focus, from a “this must get done” to a more “I loved this part so let’s focus on that more.”

You’re going to be surprised.

I chose a scene from my paranormal thriller book where we see one of the demons for the first time. As, he comes out of the closet. I love it because it is something you can picture and it is quite scary.

I’m going to rewrite the part where the demon enters the room (it’s not how you think). I love the feeling it creates, so I will focus on that.

Here is What I Came Up With

I was expecting something. Even expecting something I was not prepared for what did come. Nothing flew out of the closet, aside from the two hangars.

Nothing was tossed out which then floated around the room. Instead, something fell out of the closet. Just kind of plopped out and landed on the floor next to the bed, like a book falling over on a bookshelf.

What fell out of the closet all but stopped my heart.

What fell out of the closet was half a man.

Oh, how I wish I was making that up. The torso, right arm and head of man fell from my closet.

The arm stiffly raised above his head, the wrist appeared to be broken with the hand hanging limp in an awkward position. The flop on the floor was felt in my feet more than heard.

What I could hear was my scream. I screamed until my head filled with blood and I couldn’t breathe. I took a deep breath and screamed again.

My wife bolted up and started screaming as well, although she couldn’t see a thing. I got a hold of myself, watching as this half a man lay oozing on my floor. I turned to my wife who was looking at me, opened my mouth to say something, anything, and couldn’t.

She said to me “Close the closet, I am cold” laid back down and was asleep again. Then I shivered. I was cold too. If there were enough light I was sure I could have seen my breath.

Then, I could see my breath. A faint blue-white glow pulsed from the closet. I could see everything. Oh, I could see my wife lying huddled in the covers fast asleep. I could see the hangar in my hand and the one on the floor beside me.

I could see the half a man.

His broken wrist above his not-so-fleshy head, mouth agape and cheeks taught. There were no eyes and something appearing to be black pancake syrup oozing from underneath him.

I took half a step towards the half a man.

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