June 07 Writing Prompt

Welcome to another exciting week here on the DWP side of the blog. Today, I want to get back to creativity a bit and return to fiction writing.

For those that are interested, or missed it, last week we covered copywriting.

But today, we are back to the primary focus of the site: novels.

We have already covered a lot during the first half of the year, and I am certain we will go over some of the more important points again.

Today, though, just a fun little exercise to get you back in the mode of writing a fictional story. In fact, today’s writing prompt is ideal for anyone that has taken a few days off from writing, or even a long extended absence.

Untangle the knots
Untangle the knots from extended absences and get back to writing

Let’s take a look at the prompt, then, shall we?

June 07

Find any book nearby. Open to a random page, close your eyes and point to a single word. That word is your starting word. Open a new document, type the word and then keep writing, whatever comes to mind, for 5 minutes.

Freewriting is an essential tool in any writer’s tool box. Not only does it help with writer’s block, but it also helps us when we have been away for a bit.

Freewriting generally starts with the ideas in your head (from writer’s block). But since we are focusing on the coming back to writing aspect, we will put our efforts there.

This is why I have you pick a word at random. Depending on your word you may start to get ideas of what to type next.

While this is fine, I urge you to try and not get any ideas.

Instead, just start typing without thinking. Let it flow, let it go and just write the words that come to you naturally.

If you need to set a timer before you begin, do so. Just make sure that you are typing when the timer starts. You don’t want to stop, or have a few minutes go by before you start.

Once you are done, delete the document, open your WiP and get back to work on your projects. After all, those are the important ones!

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