June 15 Writing Prompt

Another day and we are working this week on fantasy and sci-fi aspects of all writing.

If you are unaware, fantasy and science fiction elements aren’t limited to those genres. Also, unless your novel or script is primarily comprised of those elements, it won’t change your genre.

For example, Dean Koontz is a suspense and horror author. His books on Odd Thomas deal with a lot of supernatural and anthropomorphism but they don’t change the genre he writes in. Similarly, King has Tommyknockers, animals coming back to life, talking inanimate objects and yet, still remains the “king of horror.”

Adding these elements may seem out of sort, but they are a justified manner of producing a needed outcome. Instead of relying on the Deus Ex Machina method, you can add in a little fantasy (elves, wizards, spells) or sci-fi elements to your works.

Where can science fiction elements take your story?

How can it help you? We can sprinkle in tidbits here and there. Or, you can make it a much larger focus. The choice is always there and always yours. Let’s take a look at today’s writing prompt to learn more.

June 15

Take your current WiP and pick any scene or chapter. (If you don’t have a WiP pick a book from your shelf and use that). Add in one instance of a supernatural occurrence and one instance science-fiction. It can be as outlandish or minuscule as you like.

The idea here is to see what you can get away with without detracting from the story.

What I have found in my personal ventures, is that about 70% of the time I do this, the change stays and gets incorporated into the book.

This doesn’t mean that every book I write has it, nor does it overpower the story. But there is generally some element of Sci-Fi or Fantasy in all of my works.

Adding a splash of color, if you will, but using elements other genres are known for, can make your story even better.

And who knows? You may end up liking it so much you decide to keep it, or even add more.

Try the prompt and find out!

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