June 18 Writing Prompt

This Friday we are once again looking at the end of a week, and continuing from yesterday’s prompt, the end of our stories.

This prompt is something I like to do when I near the end of a long book and don’t really have anything in mind that excites me about starting a new one. Now, getting new ideas and writing a new novel isn’t hard. Sometimes I don’t have something lined up right away, though.

When that happens, I like to take my time with the ending of my current project. This little trick keeps things exciting.

Be warned, though, it has been known to cause a complete rewrite of a book. If you aren’t prepared for that, you may want to proceed with caution.

Let’s take a look at today’s writing prompt anyway. For the brave among you.

June 18

Reread the ending of your book. Then write down 5 alternative endings that span from logical to downright ludicrous.

As you know by now (If you have followed along with the prompts), I enjoy mulitples of things. I find it fruitless to only do one or two things at a time.

I’ll come up with 25 titles, 20 different characters or other things that take me far outside my comfort zone.

Here I am only asking for 5. To be quite honest though, when I follow this prompt, I go until I can’t think of another thing at all. Often times I will fill three or four pages with alternate ideas.

What you want to do is start logically. Create a new ending that fits what you already have. Maybe you only change a few things here and there.

As you go on, though, you want to get more and more crazy. Add in elements that have nothing to do with your story. Perhaps you are writing a Rom-Com and your guy gets girl ending ends up with guy falls for other guy and leaves girl. Or Guy falls for a cow and leaves girl.

A boy and his cow
Boy finds girl, girl has cow, boy falls for cow.

Push the limits of what is possible. Span your creative mind and find what lies on the outskirts. Really outdo yourself and make it as impossible and unexpected as you can.

Maybe you will find that one of your ideas is more fun. Write it out and see what happens. It can’t hurt.

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